m i n d f u l b i r t h online

m i n d f u l b i r t h online child birth education will help you plan for the birth of your baby. Classes are tailored to your needs whether you are first time parents, need a refresher for you next birth, or families planning for a VBAC.  Information provided is evidence based with the added bonus that as a practicing midwife I can teach everything you need to know for a better birth experience. 

Topics include,

Mindfulness for labour and birth,

How movement affects labour and birth, Pain relief,

Preparing for labour and birth,

How hormones affect labour and birth,

What to expect in the 4th trimester; breastfeeding, recovery, support and bringing baby home.


m i n d f u l b i r t h online classes come with an information package to review before your session helping you to get more from your childbirth education.

​1hr sessions $100.00 or 2hr sessions $150.00


To book call 0439897539 or email info@mindfulbirth.net.au